Life w/o music is empty

Hi, Im Luis. Im 19 and I am from Houston Tx. Wanna know more. Click on About Me.




Oh, in a perfect world.

Can I get an AMEN!?


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Well that’s fucked up…

So today is the birthday of this girl I know/like, and I got on Facebook just to say happy birthday, only to fond out she deleted me recently…

Guess that makes getting over her easier :/



That’s good service.

We shall never deny a guest even the most ridiculous request..

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Hey guys, i just uploaded a new video to youtube. hope you guys like it. I want to apologize in advance for the bad quality. I will start uploading on fridays. And i will soon start uploading different games soon. Thank you guys so much for watching. please like and sub.



i love everything about this post

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Riku: Hey!
Sora: Riku… You’re safe! Riku!
Riku: Wait, haven’t we go this backwards?
Riku: And why are you having a tea party?
Sora: You’re safe, Riku!
Riku: Ah, never mind. 
Riku: You okay? Feeling alright?
Sora: *nods* Yeah.

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The more i play this game… the more i hate having to go to Atlantica. Having to listen to Under the Sea the whole time im there made this place a never ending nightmare, not to mention the fact that in the second game you have to sing and dance to completely seal the level. At least in KH and in Chain of memories you actually get to fight -.-

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